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Repeal Bill Ref. ‘Displaced Persons Claim Act of 1950’

Repeal Bill Ref. ‘Displaced Persons Claim Act of 1950’

7th December 2004

            SHRI SHARAD ANANTRAO JOSHI (MAHARASHTRA): Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Sir, I have gone through the Statement of Objects and Reasons very carefully. And, I must say that I am really totally at a loss. The refugees came in 1947-48. And, up to 1950, most of them had really arrived here. By 1970, it says, most of the work was done. And after that, the left overs were handed over to the State Governments for settlement. And, in the next paragraph, what it says is that there are a large number of cases, now pending with the State Governments. Now there is a contradiction involved - were these cases not there at all before 1970 when we said that the cases were largely closed, or, did they come up later on? In any case, it’s wrong to say that simply because some of the cases are frivolous, fraudulent; some of those who might be genuine sufferers should be denied justice. A second thing that I have not understood is that if by 1970 most of the work was over, as far as the Central Government is concerned, then the Acts, which are sought to be repealed, 5 Acts are of 1950, 1951, 1954, that is all these Acts relate to a date which is prior to the date of the transfer of the particular administration of displaced people's properties to the State Governments. 
         I have a serious doubt, Mr Chairman. Without trying to accuse any particular party, I would like to say that some local people are trying to eye the properties that lie unclaimed, and, therefore, are in an unseemly hurry to close the cases. What is necessary is that an instruction should be issued to the concerned State that all these cases should be settled within a specified time limit. If necessary, separate court should be adopted for the purpose. But to say simply, in a very peremptory way, with the repeal of the Act the cases will not go further, I must say that somebody must be trying to pocket the property, which was left by the refugees who left for Pakistan and this is something that needs to be taken very seriously. Thank you.